Mar 28, 2019 • 58M

2019 Season Opener!

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Midwest Swing is hosted by Twins fan Ryan Turnquist and Twins writer Brandon Warne, and attempts to take a deep dive on the team while keeping things lighthearted.
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The season has started! Baseball is here, and we are excited! How will this season turn out, are you happy with the starting roster, and how many games are you planning on attending?

In This Episode:

  • Who will fill Mauer's shoes in the clubhouse? [8:00]

  • Buxton is a game-changing player [17:00]

  • At age 25; will Buxton follow the path of Aaron Hicks? [22:00]

  • Max Kepler [23:00]

  • What questions do you need answered as the season starts?[47:00]

Midwest Swing is a weekly podcast where Host Brandon Warne interviews experts, coaches, and players around the league on the state of the Minnesota Twins, The Major and Minor Leagues, and the latest MLB news.


Brandon Warne (@Brandon_Warne) is a Zone Coverage utility writer and our Minnesota Twins beat writer.

Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) is the proprietor of and previously wrote about Minnesota sports for Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports before joining 105 The Ticket in 2014.